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Vital subjects like science and Math traditionally have been roadblocks for many students. Outdated classroom techniques simply don’t give students enough practical knowledge and vivid examples to work with. The key to better performance in a subject is more interactive teaching & learning in the classroom. That’s exactly what Vivid Learning bring to education.

Every student will have their own method of absorbing the information and that too at a different pace. Vivid Learning supports different learning methodologies to make sure, no child is left behind in learning. Our Research and content team consistently works towards enhancing the learning ability of the student and perform well in every class.

E-learning activities

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3D Videos

Engaging content in 3D videos that helps enrich your child’s learning and ability to learn independently.

Active Learning

Prime supports active learning to make students interact with the video while watching to evaluate the level of engagement.


Vivid Learn leaves no stone unturned when it comes to challenging the kids through our virtual quiz, which helps the parents understand the children’s stronger and weaker points in subjects.


You can evaluate your student's performance on every topic and get informed on weak and strong learning spots through our topic wise assessment.

Virtual Reality

Vivid Learning offers teachers and students 3D educational content and engaging new ways to master challenging subjects such as math, chemistry, physics, and biology.Vivid Learning Pvt Ltd introduces an innovative program designed specifically for children to explore the depths of various places through Virtual Reality.

In an era where technology plays a crucial role in education, this VR experience is a groundbreaking method to engage and educate young minds. With this program, children can immerse themselves in the enchanting wonders of our world, such as the solar system and the deep sea.

VR Models

Immersive 3D models

Through realistic simulations and immersive 3D models, they can gain a deeper understanding of these fascinating places, far beyond what traditional textbooks can offer. This hands-on approach not only makes learning fun but also leaves a lasting impact on their memory and comprehension.


Children can embark on virtual journeys to outer space, where they can witness the majesty of planets and stars, or dive into the mysterious depths of the ocean to encounter marine life up close. Vivid Learning's VR program is a gateway to a world of discovery, inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and exploration.

Olympiad Exams

The Asia-Prime Exam (APEX) is an National-level talent search examination for Indian students, ranging from class 1 to 10. It serves as a unique educational measurement and assessment service. APEX is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. APEX is specifically crafted to assess the overall intellectual potential of students, encompassing those in elementary, middle, and high school.

It employs conceptual, multiple-choice questions to evaluate how well students have grasped the underlying SKILLS and CONCEPTS of the school curriculum. APEX is a single-paper examination open to all students in classes 1 to 10. The question paper will consist of questions covering Mental & Logical Ability, Mathematics, Science, English, and Higher Order Thinking Skills.

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In the realm of education, Vivid Learning has made a significant impact by reaching out to more than 8000 schools across India. Their publications are tailored to serve students from LKG to Class 5, offering a concise and well-designed curriculum. What sets Vivid Learning apart is their emphasis on hands-on experiential methodologies, which engage students in active learning. By fostering interactive educational experiences, they ensure that young learners not only grasp the theoretical knowledge but also understand its practical applications. Vivid Learning's publications are a valuable resource for educators and students alike, helping to create a holistic learning environment that fosters curiosity and critical thinking.

Stellar Series

STELLAR SERIES books are for students from Nusery to Class-5. We have variants of this series:
1.Term & Semester Series.
2.Yearly Series.

  • Activity based content.
  • Textbook aligned digital support.
  • Learning Analytics.
  • Teacher & Student Application.
  • Video assignment, Learning Progress tracking & Reports.
  • Question papers, Lesson planning & Teacher training services.

Study Materials

We have STUDY MATERIALS based on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Syllabus from Class-6 to Class-10. These materials are aligned with state board examination pattern.

  • Detailed explanations.
  • Video support for Math, Science & Social.
  • Unit wise examinations with instant evaluation and reporting.
  • Active learning methodology to engage students in learning process.
  • Reports on students learning analytics provided to teachers for evaluating the learning scale.
  • Enhance conceptual clarity in classroom.
  • Implement flip-learning methodology that yields better results in learning outcomes.

Nursery to Class-5

  • Stellar Series - Term & Semester Series
  • Stellar Series - Yearly Series

Class-6 to Class-10

  • Study Materials - AP
  • Study Materials - Telangana